Why choose Trescal ?

Trescal is the global independent expert in calibration services. Each year, over 70,000 companies, active in the aerospace, automotive, life sciences, chemical, energy, electronics and telecommunication sectors entrust Trescal with their calibration needs

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Global expertise and know-how across the entire measurement field:

  • Trescal offers a local service, thanks to an international network of more than 370 laboratories located in 26 countries
  • With more than 780 accreditations in 28 different domains and our unique network of laboratories, we offer our customers a very wide range of technical services, thereby minimizing the use of external subcontracting
  • The Group can carry out accredited or traceable calibration services over an extensive measurement range, for all instrument brands, either on site or in house
  • Our proprietary software solutions for the asset management are recognised worldwide
  • We provide services daily for international clients who require uniform performance at their various sites and in various countries
  • We are independent of all measurement equipment manufacturers, ensuring our customers total impartiality, especially when repairing and buying instruments
  • We are able to open a new laboratory in a very short time to support the development of one of our clients. We have already done this successfully in the United States, Singapore, Morocco, Tunisia

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Commited to customer performance

Globally, across all Trescal locations we are committed to providing services tailored to customer needs: on-time, to-cost, respecting contractual deadlines to ensure their satisfaction and performance.

Trescal offers the broadest OEM service portfolio, across multiple sectors with laboratories capable of servicing customers around the world with a single point of entry.

As a single source provider Trescal:

  • Benefits from local laboratories providing multi-domain (physical, electrical and mechanical) and multi-brand services
  • Offers a broad range of measurement services; especially calibration with or without judgement, repair, asset management, supply of calibration and automation software, rental or purchase/resale of measuring instruments, auditing, consultancy and training
  • Is independent from measuring equipment manufacturers

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